Breakfast (Box) in Bed

Guest Post by Jenna Wood

Is there a more timeless romantic notion than breakfast in bed? My bacon loving arteries submit that there is not. And, despite my general lack of concern for this 'most important meal of the day,' you'll never see this girl turn down a well prepared plate of breakfast pork. In fact, bacon, eggs, sausage, and my signature peanut butter pancakes comprised the first meal I ever cooked for my husband (back in the glowing days of carefree apartment living). I learned real quickly mastering this simple meal was a surefire way to start my sweetie in a great mood no matter how many shoe stores I planned on dragging him to that day. And, because breakfast is not particularly something I 'do', I know it's especially meaningful to him when I take the time to get up a little earlier and whip him up a hearty home cooked meal. In fact, that's exactly what I plan on doing this Valentine's Day thanks to Petit Jean's convenient Breakfast In A Box.

When you live in a small town, with one grocery store and an ethnic market, there's not much in the way of fresh or premium breakfast meats, and in a one car household it can be hard to find time to swing by the store in between work. Finding time between work or your mate can make it nearly impossible to do anything in secret. Busy moms, spouses, and partners can surely relate to the difficulty of pulling off a romantic day, even with the best intent. And if you're in a two income home, with children, something as simple as preparing breakfast in bed can seem overwhelming. Preparing for Valentine's Day 2011, I started to think along this line, and search for a solution. At home grocery delivery services were convenient, but shopping for what you need can be frustrating, sorting through 'aisles' online, and savings are minimal- then there's delivery fees!

Petit Jean Meats knows quality food and superior customer service, taking the hassle out of planning a romantic meal. You may be aware of other at-home meat based delivery services, and you're probably often detoured by the cost. Sticker shock can overwhelm anyone at first, and while Petit Jean manages to keep their packages and bundles a value, there are other pros one has to consider. Online, you can piece together your meat needs, stocking up on a favorite product (such as peppered bacon), or save yourself time when planning for an event and choose a complete dinner, box, or sampler. Petit Jean is even great for gifting, with gifts starting under $30, and ranging to everything you'd need for a complete Ham dinner! UPS 3 Day ground shipping ensures the freshest of products upon delivery, and is free with your order, cutting down on costly delivery fees with the 'other' people. So when I saw their February featured breakfast box ($46), I knew it was just the thing to treat myself, and my hubby, this Valentine's.

 Shipped via USPS, and arriving within 3 days, this box included; an entire cinnamon coffee cake, (16oz) ez carve smoked ham slices, (12oz) peppered bacon, (16oz) thick sliced bacon, and (16oz) of fresh sausage. All I needed to add were some eggs, and bread (in my case bagels)! It truly was a lot of food, and I found myself cooking less than half to feed my husband and I. Even at that, it turned into a monstrous feast! The Petit Jean sausage is actually a log, which sliced into nice patties when chilled in the freezer for 20 minutes. Firing up my jumbo electric skillet, I halved the large slices of thick sliced bacon, delighting as to how little fat there appeared to be in each slice. I could tell instantly, from the aroma, and build, this was high quality meat!

While my meats began cooking, I cored two bagel halves, and cracked an egg into the center (one-eyed Jack style), allowing it to cook along the bottom layer and toast the bagel in bacon grease. Next, I slid my beauties off the skillet and onto the plate, where the egg slow cooked in the microwave for another minute. Once I had perfected my liquid yolk/cooked whites, I piled some freshly grated cheddar on top, and dipped into my Petit Jean smoked ham slices. I could tell from the fresh smoked fragrance the ham was full of flavor, and couldn't help but steal a corner off a slice as it hit the skillet. When I was satisfied, and thoroughly taunted by the amazing aroma now filling my home, I pulled my meats of the grill and placed my ham atop the bagel creation, melting the cheese further.

Lastly, it was time to set a pot of coffee to brew, and slice off a chunk of the delicious My Grandma's of New England Coffee Cake. The coffee cake turned out to be much larger than I'd anticipated, and covered in what seemed to be candied pecans. Half a minute in the microwave on high, and it was moist, warm, and filling my kitchen with the scent of cinnamon. I cannot recall the last time we ate this well for breakfast, and the husband was ecstatic! Not only did we eat until we could no longer, we had 3/4 of the coffee cake left to splurge on throughout the week, and half the meats still to cook in the fridge.

I was amazed at the portions, and the flavor. It was quite convenient not to have to piece a meal together, and all of the meats had a rich smokey flavor and hearty presence. I can't wait to surprise my father with another box from Petit Jean for his birthday this year- and I know any hubby or wife would be just as excited to find these tempting meats on their doorstep (or before them in bed!) The convenience and quality of Petit Jean Meats is unrivaled in my opinion, and the perfect solution for Valentine's far away (a son at school) or close by. If you'd love try Petit Jean's February star, the Breakfast Box, head on over to Momma Told Me and enter to win one of your own!

Jenna is an official Ambassador for Petit Jean Meats. She is also an aspiring mommy out of Fillmore, CA who loves feeding her bacon addiction with Petit Jean's Thick Hickory Smoked Bacon. Learn more about Jenna and register for her Breakfast Box Giveaway on her blog, Momma Told Me.

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